Bond Calculators For Any Website

The Property Reality bond calculators can be included on any website simply by signing up for our unique bond calculators service. Firstly, it is important to note that we are referring to online calculators which can be included on a website and not calculators which are used by individuals. If you only want to do your own bond calculations, you can use our Free Bond Calculators. If you want a bond calculator solution which is also available offline, you can download our unique free Excel based Bond Calculator Template and save it onto your system.

Now, back to our unique bond calculator interface! When you sign up for our bond calculators service and we activate your access, you only need to place an iframe code on the page where you want the calculators to be included in order to have fully operational bond calculators on your website! You can also include the calculators on multiple pages of the same domain because the service validation is completed on the domain level. It is therefore a very simple process to include our calculators on your website and can literally be completed in minutes - but our bond calculators service offers so much more than just that!

The service has the following additional features:

  • Includes 4 comprehensive bond calculators in a modern layout which includes calculations of monthly bond repayments, minimum income, interest rate sensitivity, bond affordability, transfer & bond costs and increased instalments.
  • Fully responsive design which makes the calculators suitable for all screen sizes (desktops, tablets and mobiles).
  • Option for attorneys to include only the transfer & bond cost calculator.
  • The default calculator values can be edited based on your requirements. This is especially useful for a calculator like the Transfer & Bond Cost calculator where charges may differ slightly between different attorneys. By amending the default calculator values, you will be able to reflect the charges that the client will actually be invoiced.
  • The styling of the calculators can also be changed in order to fit into the design of your website. Our default calculator styling has been implemented in such a way that it ensure maximum flexibility. You will therefore be able to adjust calculator element colours and spacing so that the bond calculators fit in seamlessly into the look & feel of your website!

The steps that need to be completed in order to add our bond calculators to your website and to customize the default design are as follows:

  • Log into our Bond Calculators Service interface (login details will be supplied after access has been activated).
  • Copy the provided IFRAME code into the source code of the page(s) where you want the bond calculators to be included.
  • Set width, height and border of IFRAME by adding the provided CSS class to your style sheet.
  • Add the domain name of the website where you want to include the bond calculators to the appropriate field in the interface.
  • Open the default calculators style sheet file (CSS).
  • Review the detailed guidance on the layout of the default CSS style sheet.
  • Customize the style sheet by changing colour settings so that the bond calculators fit in perfectly with your website colour scheme.
  • Change text sizes & spacing if required.
  • Paste the amended style sheet settings into the appropriate input field in our interface.
  • Edit the default calculator values as per your requirements.
  • View your brand new bond calculators on your website!

The above steps can usually be completed in less than an hour! You also don't need to be an experienced web designer in order to be able to complete the steps but you do need to have an understanding of how to use CSS style sheets if you want to complete your own setup. If you don't know how to customize a CSS style sheet and you need to complete the setup process without the assistance of a web designer, you can supply us with the basic colours that you want to apply to each bond calculator component and we'll customize the calculators for you.


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