Frequently Asked Questions
Listed below are some of the questions that our customers have asked. Click the + signs to display our answers to these questions.
Is the use of your templates restricted to any pre-determined period?
When will I be able to download the template(s) that I purchased?
Are the full versions of your templates protected in any way? Will I be able to make changes to the templates?
Are your templates compatible with all spreadsheet applications?
Can you provide me with the password to unprotect the template instructions sheet?
Do you release annual updates of your templates?
Are there any monthly or annual charges applicable to the use of the templates?
Which purchasing options are available for your templates?
Which payment options are available?
Can you please send me your banking details? I want to pay via electronic transfer.
Do I need to purchase more than one copy of a template if I want to use it on more than one PC?
Do any of the Excel templates contain macros?
Do you provide training or courses on the templates?
Do you provide after sales support if I have any questions?
How do I know that my personal details and credit card information are safe and secure?
What is 3D secure?
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