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Bond Calculators
Use this calculator to calculate the transfer & bond costs that will be incurred when buying a property. The calculation includes transfer duties, transfer fees, deed office levies, bond registration fees and other transfer & bond related costs. Note that the transfer & bond registration costs which are calculated should be seen as estimates only - actual charges may differ from these estimates.
Use this bond calculator to calculate your monthly bond repayment amount. The calculator results include the total bond repayments over the entire bond period, the total interest that is incurred over the entire bond period as well as the monthly bond repayments based on a 15 and 30 year bond period and annual interest rates that are 1% more and 1% less than the specified bond interest rate.
Use this bond calculator to calculate the estimated bond amount that you will qualify for. Bond affordability is determined by your combined monthly net disposable income (as required by the National Credit Act). If your net disposable income is more than 30% of your gross remuneration, the bond qualification amount is based on a 30% repayment to income ratio (as applied by most financial institutions). The calculator also includes an interest rate buffer percentage which is used to measure the sensitivity of the bond affordability calculation to interest rate changes.
Use this bond calculator to calculate the minimum monthly net disposable income which is required in order to qualify for a specified bond amount. A net disposable income percentage can also be entered in order to calculate the required gross monthly income amount. The minimum net disposable income which is calculated is based on the required monthly bond repayment.
Use this bond calculator to view a summary of bond repayments, interest charges, capital repayments and outstanding bond balances over the entire bond period. The percentage capital which is outstanding after each monthly bond repayment is also reflected as an indication of how the initial bond amount is settled over the bond period.
Use this bond calculator to calculate the amount of interest that can be saved by increasing your monthly bond repayment amount. The calculated results include the adjusted bond period in months & years, the total bond repayments and interest over the original and adjusted bond periods and the interest savings amount (also in present value terms).
Use this bond calculator to calculate the interest savings that result from making bi-weekly bond repayments instead of monthly bond repayments. For the purpose of the calculation, it is assumed that the original required bond repayment amount remains unchanged and that the additional bi-weekly bond repayment is allocated against the outstanding capital balance of the bond.
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