100% Unique Residential Property Solutions

Property Reality specializes in residential property calculations consisting mainly of bond calculators, extensive guidance on the most important property calculation principles and 100% unique Excel based residential property templates.

The main reason for the conceptualization of Property Reality was that we identified the need for a residential property calculation solution which will enable property owners and investors to compile accurate property investment return forecasts and to measure the forecasted investment return against actual results on an ongoing basis (annually & cumulatively).

All our unique residential property templates have been designed by a chartered accountant with extensive experience in the design of financial calculation models and who has already sold business templates in more than 100 countries on six continents!

These business templates include solutions that cover accounting in Excel, business cash flow projections, business valuations, financial statements, product costings, management accounts, inventory control, personal finance, income tax calculations and much more.

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  • Designed by the same chartered accountant who designed the Property Reality templates but with sales in more than 100 countries across the globe!
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What Makes Our Property Templates Unique?

Our residential property investment spreadsheets are the most comprehensive & accurate property investment return calculation solutions and include more functionality than any property software solution. Accurate property calculations are only possible if all variables which influence investment return are included - an accurate calculation solution therefore needs to provide for important property variables like variable monthly bond interest rates, variable annual capital growth rates, property income tax, property capital gains tax and lots more.

It is absolutely essential to be able to calculate an accurate annual & cumulative investment return after purchasing a property or portfolio of properties in order to determine whether the actual investment return meets expectations. After all, any investor in residential property can only make an informed decision as to whether he should retain or sell a property investment if he has access to an accurate calculation of the actual investment return. In addition, annual & cumulative property investment return calculations also enable users to compare the return that is achieved from residential property with the investment returns that can be achieved from other investments like term deposits, listed shares, unit trusts and fund investments.

Our property investment templates include all the functionality that is required in order to produce accurate residential property forecasts & calculations of actual investment return. Furthermore, our templates are easy to use, much more affordable than other property investment software and all the template prices are once-off with no restriction of the period of use.

The question is therefore not whether you can afford to buy our templates, the question is whether you can afford not to?